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We have expertise in the field of IP Technology. Our staff have a deep understanding of the internal of SIP/TCP/UDP/IP/PPP, RTP/RTCP/RTSP. You can count on us to accomplish any IP related projects.

The days of expensive proprietary telecom software are over. FAFAA Technology creates enabling technology tailored to design products and solutions for a variety of vertical markets. We solves a wide range of challenges, from common PBX and key system replacements to highly-specialized applications.

Do you need technical support on TCP/IP/PPP Stack on your embedded device? Do you need develop a soft SIP phone or a real SIP phone ? FAFAA Technology is the right choice. We can build a SIP phone from scratch and the quality is the best of the world!

We have technology to bring the first IP-based solutions to market that make video communication as simple as a phone call. While leveraging the existing Cisco IP infrastructure, the solution provides high business-quality video systems for the desktop and office that use the same softkey functionality and installation as a Cisco IP telephone. The solution extends the benefits of Cisco CallManager IP call management such as hold, transfer and directory services to visual communication.

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